Who are you?
I am a wildlife photographer based in Hong Kong. I started photographing dogs (after we rescued 2) to help others find a home and found that good photography makes a huge difference. So this went from dogs to many other animals and have been doing this for over 8 years.

Who have you worked for:

I have worked for HKDR, SPCA, SPCA (Twain), Animals Asia, WWF, EARS, free The Bears and BLES (to name a few.) I can happily send you examples or put you in touch with people I have worked with should you wish so you can find out more about me.


I'm here to take great photos and help charities. I don't charge any money and you have all the rights. It is just that simple.


We have photographers / had bad experiences with photographers:
Yep, heard the stories before. People demanding money, rights, not sending the photos when promised, not turning up etc etc. What I do is different, you will get ALL the photos via a download link to keep within a week. I DO NOT CHARGE ANY MONEY FOR THESE PHOTOS. NONE.


What about rights?
I ask that you credit me in press and in social media. If you do great, if you don't that is OK... You have all rights forever to the photos so please use them as much as you wish and for any purpose. 


Our animals are dangerous:
I have worked with many animals, from bears to rescue dogs to crocodiles...! You name it. I can get great photos but I am not about to kill myself in the process and I never take dangerous risks. Great photos are about experience, planning, team work and patience.


Anything else?
Hopefully in reading this and seeing my photos you will want to work with me, any further questions please feel free to drop me a line, alibullock@gmail.com

copyright ali bullock / #alibullock