Baleia Gin in Forbes

It’s not often that a product from a small distillery such as ours gets published in Forbes. It is with great pride that we were featured in this article:

Forbes article – Baleia Gin

“With Baleia (the name means “whale” in Portuguese), he is literally out to save the whales. His tagline is “From the ocean, for the ocean.” From, because local, sustainably sourced sea kelp is one of the key ingredients used in the distillation, giving the gin a distinctive, slightly ocean-y flavor. 

For, because Bullock has adopted a “buy one, give one” model, with one euro from every bottle or cocktail sold going to his Ocean Azores Foundation, a project he created to fund conservation, research and sustainable tourism projects based on all the islands of the archipelago. The goal is to increase protections for marine mammals and ensure their long-term survival. “