Introducing Baleia Gin

From the ocean for the ocean. The idea behind Baleia started in 2006, as a young couple went to the Azores on honeymoon in the Azores, specifically to go whale watching. They just didn’t know it at the time. 14 years later, in 2018 they returned to the Azores and make this their permanent home. In 2019 The Gin Library was opened, housing one of the world’s largest collection of gins. And in 2020 saw the creation of Baleia Gin.

Balia Gin is designed to be a simple, carefully and perfectly balanced gin. Created with local, endemic seaweed distilled with a mix of citrus, mint and juniper. Its aim is to showcase the Azores and the amazing botanicals that can be found on the island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

As Ali (founder and creator of Baleia Gin explains) “2020 meant the temporary closure of our regular business, hosting guests and gin related experiences. But it didn’t mean we just stopped working. I dusted off some old notebooks and ideas, as I looked into some gin infusions. And so Beleia was born.”

With so many gins out in the market, Baleia has been careful to stand out with its world leading commitment to sustainable tourism through its partnership with the World Cetation Alliance (WCA.)

Baleia goes back to our first trip to the Azores and whale watching. We knew that marine sustainability was something we wanted at the very heart of the brand and of the gin. As I did more research into the history of whaling in the Azores, and the moves to whale watching when hunting was outlawed I reached out to Futuriso Whale Watching (one of our partners) to learn more about what could be done. This conversation set me down with the World Cetation Alliance and so we decided to partner with them, making a donation with each bottle sold.”

Baleia Gin has been created to showcase the Azores and support the conservation of one of its most famous residents, the whales. Every bottle of Baleia gin sold goes towards supporting whale conservation here in the Azores. These proceeds will help to support the certification of São Miguel as a Whale Heritage Site, part of the World cetacean Alliance a global whale conservation organisation.

Baleia is a small-batch crafted in São Miguel, part of the Azores Islands. The initial first release is limited to just 400 bottles for sale in the Azores through selected retailers and bars

And finally, the design of the bottle. Getting the logo and branding on point was never going to be an easy task. We went through many, many revisions to get this just right. And we hope that you will agree that this not only looks good, but it also captures the essence of the Azores.

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