Botanicals Sourced From The Azores

Baleia Gin was created with botanicals sourced from the island of São Miguel, part of the Azores. These local, organic and sustainable ingredients give the gin its distinctive flavour and help us in our mission “from the ocean for the ocean.” 

While the history of gin involves bringing botanicals from all over the world, we think that this one is just that little bit more special thanks to the local ingredients we use.

*The juniper we use is not from the Azores as this is not currently grown on the island (but it is something we are working on.)

Colourful stones on the beach

Sea Kelp

When we say our gin is from the ocean, for the ocean we mean it. Sea Kelp is used in the distillation, giving the gin a unique flavour. We source our seaweed from the waters around São Miguel, using only marine sustainable farming.



Rosemary. One of the most important botanicals for our gin. It grows with wild abandon here in the Azores and we use it as our garnish in the drinks we mix here on the estate.




Citrus, including lemon and orange peel are perfect accompaniments in our gin distillation. Adding a hint of fresh zest to the alcohol.

Drinks served at The Gin Library use oranges grown on the estate as the garnish in which to make the perfect gin and tonic.



Thanks to the temperate climate. Lots of sun and enough rain to keep the fields green, mint grows in abundance here in the Azores.

Cheap and plentiful, it is the perfect herb to use in our gin. This helps give the flavour the extra notes you taste, bouncing off the tonic water used.



Originally used by Flemish monks in the thirteenth century. From the 1500s it became the base of Dutch Genever, before landing on UK shores and becoming gin in the 1800s.

Juniper is the base botanical used in all gins. So we build upon this botanical with our own from the Azores to create our take on what is a word wide phenomenon. There are over 7,000 gins around the world. 3 from the Azores. And we hope you enjoy ours.